Valentines Day Songs 2017

Its the perfect time for love and its the most romantic time of the year for sharing the feelings with your beloved. You may have said the three magical words “I Love You” many times but on this time say it with a different style. Get Valentine’s Day Songs 2017 from here and sing for your partner to make him/her feel special. You can’t even imagine that what your partner will feel after hearing that song.

This is a best way to express our feelings so our voice or singing skills doesn’t matter for our partner. We are providing Top Valentine Day Songs, Classic Valentines Day Songs, Cute Valentine’s Day Songs and Romantic Valentines Day Songs here.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Songs

We all are aware about the fact that Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th February in the memory of Saint Valentine. However, this day is not an official holiday but celebrated in whole world. On this day couples express their feelings by exchanging gifts and flowers. They go for shopping, movie or on a romantic date and spread the fragrance of love in the air.

Top 10 Valentines Day Songs 2017

“Will you be my valentine?
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine!
Meet me by the knotty pine,
We’ll go walking together!”


“Roses red and violets blue?
Einstein’s smart and so are you!
Come and be my valentine,
We’ll be buddies forever!”


“I will always be there for you
Just as sure as the sun will rise,
I can see that you like me too,
By the smile in your sparkling eyes!!”


“Let’s go skating in the park,
We’ll get home before it’s dark!,
Sky is blue, the sun is shining,
When we are together!!!”


“None can be a friend as true,
As the friend I am for you!!,
On the dotted line I’ll sign,
And I won’t leave you ever!!!”


“Let’s go sailing so far away,
To an island where orchids bloom!,
Where the whale and the dolphin play,,
And the breeze is a sweet perfume!!!”


“Will you be my valentine?,
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine!,
Give me one big high-five sign,
We’ll be buddies forever!
No matter the weather!
So happy together!”



Special Valentine’s Day Songs MP3

“I’m going to make a heart of paper
And put it all together with glue
And put it all together with glue,
To say that I like you!”


“Take a lot of love and take a lot of care,
And put them in an envelope,
Add a wish that there will be much more we can share,
And seal them up with hope!”


“You mean a lot to me
I’m glad you’re a friend of mine,
This I hope you’ll see,
When you read my Valentine.”

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