Valentine’s Day Homemade Craft Ideas

Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday it is celebrated with great pomp and show.  Multiple activities and fun events are planned to mark the day of romance. Now-a-days, celebration for Valentine’s Day isn’t restricted only to the lovers and couples but even kids are now engaged in V-day celebrations as well. Now, if you have plans to organize V-day party for kids you’d need to remember that kids tend to get bored too early. Hence, you’ll need to plan interesting activities to keep them engaged. Planning some interesting craft ideas on the Valentine’s Day would let you convert your party into a full fledged fun event.

Valentine's Day Homemade Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day Homemade Craft Ideas

Homemade craft ideas will work as a stimulant for the kids and at the same time will prevent them from getting bored. Check out the following easy V-day craft ideas for kids.

Valentine day pendent

This is a craft idea for teenagers and young adults. A Valentine’s Day pendent can also make a great V-day gift. If you are looking for a gift idea for your girlfriend this lovely neckpiece will make a great choice.

  1. 16-inch of silver craft wire
  2. Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  3. Nail cutter or wire cutter
  4. Red craft wire
  5. Heart-shaped note or heart shaped chocolate
  6. Ribbon-red or pink

Leave 4-iches of the silver wire from one side and then make a loop in it. Make the loop in the silver wire by tying it around a pencil.  Take the heart-shaped cookie cutter and wrap silver wire around it to give the heart-shape. Remove the cookie cutter and secure the silver wire by twisting and cut the excess wire with wire cutter. Now place the treat and heart note within the silver heart and secure them by wrapping them with the red wire. Pass the ribbon through the loop.

Animal printed bracelet

If you want to express your wild love for your sweetheart then an animal printed bracelet will be a great choice. It’s easy to make that even young kids can make it with little help from parents and also, it’s a great solution for V-day gift.

  1. Cardboard tubes
  2. Stapler
  3. Elastic band-preferably black
  4. Glue
  5. Animal-print felt
  6. Ribbon
  7. Card stock

Cut the cardboard tube into 2-inch length. Cut a small opening in the 2-inch roll so that it opens into cuff shape. Also cut 2-inches thick strips of the animal print felt paper. Take the black elastic and attach it on each side of the opening with the help of stapler (the parents may help the kid in this part).

Now apply glue on the outer side of the cardboard tube and then affix the felt paper. Also cover the black elastic with felt paper. Allow the glue to try and then trim the paper as needed. Make bows from the decorative ribbon and also write your message on the heart-shaped pieces cut from the card stock. Attach decoration to the bracelet.

Bead hearts

Bead hearts can make good keepsake. At the same time these can let you express your feelings to your sweetheart. Bead hearts are easy to make and can be included in V-day craft making parties.

  1. 20-gauge wire- available at hobby stores
  2. A pair of Scissors
  3. Pliers
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Beads-alphabet beads as well as normal colorful beads

Cut a 6-inch piece of wire from the 20-gauge craft wire. Bend the wire in a V-shape. Now string the beads one by one and decorate the heart-shaped bands as you fancy. You may also formulate your message as you go. Bend the open ends and tie them with tapes to protect small kids. Bend the wire in a heart-shape. Twist the end together with pliers.

Love bug

In this Valentine why not make a love bug that is cute and at the same time easy to make? Even young kids can enjoy making this craft item.

  1. Paper cup
  2. Polystyrene ball
  3. Red paint
  4. Black paint
  5. Black craft foam
  6. Red and black felt papers
  7. Pipe cleaner
  8. Wiggle eyes
  9. Glue
  10. Heart shaped punching machine

Paint the paper cup in red and the ball in black. Leave them to dry. Now stick the ball and the bottom of the cup. The ball will be the head when the paper cup will act as the body of the love bug.

With the help of the heart-shaped punching machine cut small hearts from the black felt. Stick them on the paper cup. Cut small lengths of the pipe cleaner. Cut three heart shapes from the red felt paper. Stick one red heart on each of the antennas and the other at the centre of the ball for nose. Stick Wiggle eyes on the love bug.

Valentine’s Day card box

The Valentine’s Day card box is useful to keep cards and gifts that you’ll receive during the V-day. It is easy to make and at the same time can make a very good V-day craft idea.

  1. A shoe box- Only the bottom part, discard the lid
  2. Card stock
  3. Decorative bits- sticker, stamps, beads, blings etc.
  4. Paint-pink or red

Paint the box with pink or red-both inside and outside. Leave the box to dry.  Cut heart shaped pieces of different sizes from the card stock. Write your name and messages on the biggest hearts.

Decorate the box with stickers and stamps. Stick the heart containing your name at the top so that people can see it without difficulties.

Place the box on a place where everybody can see it. Keep all your Valentine’s Day gifts in it.

Valentine straw

On the Valentine’s Day party why not have special Valentine straw to sip on the drinks? Valentine Straws are easy to make.

  1. Drinking straws
  2. Craft foam
  3. Decorative bits
  4. Glue
  5. Paper roses
  6. Stone hearts

Cut heart shapes from craft foam. Decorate the heart with stickers, heart-shaped stone and other decorative bits and pieces. Attach the rose with the straw and also attach the decorated heart to the straw with glue.

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