Valentine’s Day Around The World

Love is a different feeling all together. It touches all with its magic wand. Celebrating this feeling with enthusiasm is now a phenomenon all over the world. Lovers from various parts of the world look forward to this festival of love and celebrate it with great enthusiasm. To know more about Valentine celebrations around the world read on.

Valentine's Day Around The World

Valentine’s Day Around The World

Valentine’s Day in United States

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in United States and Canada.  It is a well known festival to be celebrated with near and dear ones and not just that one special person. People express their love for each other by exchanging gifts, sending greeting cards, inviting each other for get together meals or partying together. Couples throw private parties and celebrate the occasion with other couples. They follow the custom of sending Valentine candies to their dear ones. Children too participate in the celebrations by making handmade gifts and participating in various plays, songs, dances and other cultural programs.

Valentine’s Day in Britain:

Britain celebrates Valentine’s Day just like others. But what makes the country different is some of its customs. Children sing songs on this day for their dear ones. The songs are related to the festival. For such sweet gestures they are rewarded with sweets, candies, chocolates and cookies. Some parts of Britain celebrate Lover’s Day with a unique custom of baking special buns. These Valentine buns are made with raisins, caraway seeds and raisins. The day is also marked by romantic verses, which appear throughout the month in tabloids. This is an age old custom followed by the well known British poets who published their romantic verses for the occasion.

Valentine’s Day in Germany:

Germany celebrates Valentine’s Day just like other countries.  There are traditional gifts like chocolates, cookies, greeting cards and other such things. What form a customary gift for the occasion are flowers. Love tokens are given with special messages.

Valentine’s Day in Italy:

Italy initially had a very unique way of celebrating the Lover’s Day. It was celebrated as the Spring Festival. On this day, young lovers would gather in an open area and listen to music. They would listen to poetry and also recite some together. These days Valentine’s Day in Italy is celebrated just like that in United States. It is celebrated by young lovers. Like U.S the day is not celebrated with family and friends. It’s strictly for lovers. On this day, youngsters follow the custom of exchanging the special Valentine’s Day gift called Baci Perugina. This is a chocolate hazelnut that comes with a tiny slip of paper with a love quote in four different languages.


Valentine’s Day in Korea:

Korea has a unique way of celebration. Women give candies and chocolates to men they like or love as gifts. Return gifts are given to the ladies after a month gap. On March 14th, men return the favor by giving gifts to the ladies. This day is also known as the “White Day”. On this day young men confess love to their beloved and express their feelings. “White Day” is followed by “Black Day”, which takes place on April 14th. The day is kept aside for those people who are not in love or do not have romantic partners. On this day, such people eat black colored Jajang noodles.


Valentine’s Day in Japan:

Valentine’s Day in Japan is celebrated much like that in Korea. The day is observed on 14th of February. The festivities however, go on till the 14th of March. Women give chocolates and candies to their beloved. Some even bake cookies for the occasion. Men give return gifts to the ladies on “White Day”. Chocolates are also given to co-workers by ladies on Lover’s Day. These kinds of gifts are known by the name of giri-choco.

Valentine’s Day in Slovenia:

The day is celebrated with great gusto. In Slovenia, Valentine’s Day follows “St. Valentine brings the keys of roots”. On this day they believe that new plants grow and plants get new flowers. Farmers plant seeds on this day to follow the same belief. Slovenians also have a belief that birds get married on this day. Initially, Slovenians celebrated the Lover’s Day on March 12th. The day is observed as Saint Gregory’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in France:

Lover’s Day is celebrated uniquely in France. They celebrate it with a custom where single men and women meet in front of a house. They would call out to each other and pair up with the candidate they like. If the man dislikes his date, he can dump the lady during the day. He however, has to wait for the abuses that are hurled at him as a part of the custom in the night. Ladies who are dumped and alone still would burn pictures of the men they dated or intended to date and abuse them.  The custom has been stopped due to its maliciousness by the French Government.

Other destinations celebrate Lover’s Day on other dates. Lover’s Day in Brazil is called as “Dias dos Namorados”. It is celebrated on 12th of June every year. On this day, lovers exchange gifts, go out for dates, give flowers to each other and express their love. Brazilians also celebrate the day with Valentine custom. Women write the name of their crushes on the crushed paper and pile up. On the main day, they pick up one from the pile of names. The name that they choose may be the prospective groom or their romantic interest. The next day that follows Dias dos Namorados in Brazil is Saint Anthony’s Day. This day is observed by single women who take part in rituals that may help them get the love of their life.

Valentine around the world also takes note of a special custom in Malaysia. Lover’s Day is celebrated on the seventh day of seventh month as per the lunar calendar. On this day, ladies write their phone numbers on oranges and throw them into the river. They believe that their destined companion will pick the orange and give them a call for the date on Lover’s Day. Such oranges are in great demand and are also resold in markets. Such an orange may end up being a part of the groceries picked up by the man of dreams.

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