10th February

Teddy Day

Teddy Day is the fourth day of the Valentine’s week which is being celebrated very enthusiastically on annual basis on 10th of February by the youths and other interested people. Now, it has been started celebrating as an international event celebration in almost all the regions of every country.

How Teddy Day is Celebrated

Couples and youths celebrate this great event of the valentine’s week by gifting their loved ones a lovely and attractive teddy. They send a valentine teddy means love bear to their wife, partner, spouse, friends, and other loved ones. Teddies are mostly liked too much by the women, girls and children so wishing the loved ones by giving teddy bears at this day is very famous all over the world. Teddies are the toys contributing to the bedroom decorations forever as well as good memories. Teddies are the soft toys looking very attractive and cute, can attract anyone’s mood to be happy. People send it by the post, courier or by hand to their love.

Even teddies have no real hearts, no real voice and body however; they are fully stuffed with love and affection. They can say everything to the loved ones without voice and even attract and freshens their moods to get happy and understand the indication of their loved ones. It is considered that the bedroom without teddies is not complete and just like the face without smile.

Valentine’s Week :

Rose Day (7th of February), Propose Day (8th of February), Chocolate Day (9th of February), Teddy Day (10th of February), Promise Day (11th of February), Hug Day (12th of February), Kiss Day (13th of February), Valentine’s Day (14th of February)