Teacher Appreciation Week Card Messages Sayings Text

Teacher Appreciation Week Card Messages Sayings Text

Teachers are the philosophers, mentor and guide for the students. Be it helping them with their studies or guiding them towards the right career path, teachers are the most helpful and guiding star for any student. The appreciation wishes for the teacher would brighten up the day of the teacher and would let him or her know that he is special and favorite of the students. The appreciation wishes for the teachers can be sent through text messages or cards. Let us see some of the samples of cute appreciation messages for teachers sent in different ways:


Teacher appreciation day is the day where the students as well as the parents thank the teacher for the endless guidance and support, he or she has bestowed on the student. The thank you appreciation wishes are sent through beautiful cards with thank you notes and appreciation wishes for the teacher.


“Thank you teacher for the endless support and guidance you have bestowed on me and the help you have extended in me in choosing the right career path. I am really thankful and gladly appreciate your guidance and effort.”


Appreciation Messages for Teacher to Principal

Appreciation wishes from the principal are sent to the teacher to thank him or her for the long term association the teacher has with the school or college. The wishes are also sent for appreciating the hard work and effort the teacher has put to develop the career of the children as well as educating them in a better way. The wishes can be sent through cards, text messages or through a beautiful video clip for the teacher.


“Thank you teacher for your generous effort and hard work you have extended in my organization and helping me in educating my students for their better career. I appreciate your effort and hard work you have put and thank you for the same.”

A million thanks to you! I noticed that my child has improved when it comes to his learning. My child can now read short phrases and words. I know his/her big achievements are because of your dedication. Thank you so much for nurturing my child’s future!


Thank you Teacher (name) for being my child’s teacher. I know my child’s is currently in the level of building foundation when it comes to his/her academic learning but since you are a good teacher, you have been successfully imparted so many things that my son/daughter needs to know. As a parent of your pupil (name), I simply admire you and thank you mam/sir!


I just want you to know how much I appreciate you every day. I know as a teacher to my nursery kid is not an easy task buy my kid loves you. Thank you for teaching my son/daughter what he/she needs to know at his/her every young age. You are amazing mam/sir! Thank you!


Thank you teacher ! It feels so good to know that my little kid has a teacher like you. I have witnessed your dedication and love in teaching your nursery pupils and I’m so blessed that my child is in your class. Thank you teacher and may you continue the good work!


You are such a good and kind teacher to my little one! Thank you. I appreciate you so much!

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