Short Valentines Day Poems

It’s not the length of the poem that matters, rather it is the thought that goes into it. A short poem to your Valentine can easily be more powerful than a long one. It is the content that matters. In fact, if you’re taking the time to write something of your own, you’re probably on the right track. Don’t go for the “roses are red, violets are blue” variety of poems. Don’t give her a card with a prewritten poem in it. That won’t get you anywhere. True romance are words from your heart to hers.

Valentines Day 2017 Images for GirlFriend

Valentines Day 2017 Images for GirlFriend

For My Husband

I love you with all my heart
Right from the very start

Our love grows stronger everyday
With everything you do and say

Happy Valentines Day
Our love is here to stay.

I’m In Love With You

It’s the way you say I love you and the way you hold my hand
There’s just so much about you I completely understand
It’s the twinkle in your eye that I only see when you look at me
It’s the warmness of your hands it sends a shock straight to my feet
It’s how you always amaze me, you surprise me all day long
This I know is true
Baby, I’m in love with you!

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Poems, Rhymes, phrases, Sayings, Verses

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Poems, Rhymes, phrases, Sayings, Verses

If I Could Be Anything

If I could be anything in world,
I would be your tears;
Conceived in your heart,
Born in your eyes,
Live on your cheek,
And die on your lips.

I Still Love You

Of all the things I’ve ever said,
Of all the tears I’ve ever shed,
Of all the things I did to you,
I want you to know that I still love you.

Of all the days we fought and cried,
Of all the days I wished I’d died,
Of all the things you did to pull me through,
I don’t believe it, but I still love you.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Poems, Rhymes, phrases & Sayings

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Poems, Rhymes, phrases & Sayings


Your love is a gift that I treasure more with every passing day,
As time goes by I find myself discovering more and more reasons to love you.
This Valentine’s Day,
I’m thinking about how wonderful it is to have your love in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Only Sweetheart

My sweetheart from now until forever
Even when death separates us,
You will always be my only true love.
I will never leave you nor hurt you
You’re my one and only SWEETHEART.

Valentines Poem

Valentines Poem

Be My Valentine Forever

I love you for a lifetime
Not only for a day
I love you for who you are
Not what you do or say

I love the way you love me back
So there is only one thing I can say
I love you baby with my heart and soul and every other way
So will you be my valentine not only for one day.

Be Mine

you told me that you needed me
and that it was for real
you say that you love me
and that you care
I told you that i love you true
and baby that I do
and you said Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day 2017

Happy Valentines Day 2017

A Little Valentine Poem

You are my valentine; you bring me pleasure.
With all my love you could not measure,
So on this day I shall always treasure.
Happy Valentine’s for ever and ever.

Be My Valentine

Be my Valentine.
Be my number one, my soulmate.
Be my lover, my hero, my friend.
Do not break my heart or toss it away.
Keep it safe and secure, as I will do with yours.
Be my Valentine,

You, My Valentine

Sugar is sweet but you are sweeter
chocolate is sooo good but you are great…
to be a pal a friend or even a date
you are not just anybody you are somebody…
I want to be around
so come looking for me
when valentine comes to town.

You Love Me

Insecurity, when you walk in the room
Curiosity, when you stare me down
Speechless as can be, when you talk to me
Sparks fly when we touch, but this is reality
I feel my heart skip a beat whenever you tell me… love me.

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