Mother’s Day Best Diy Greeting Card Ideas

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Mother’s Day Best Diy Greeting Card Ideas

I love decorating and embellishing envelopes to make each card I send personal and extra special. It doesn’t take special tools or much time, and the finished product often ends up being treasured just as much as the card it contains. Learn how you can make your Mother’s Day card stand out with these creative decorating ideas and free printable envelope liners.

Mother’s Day Special Diy Gift Ideas

Envelope liners

To learn how to make your own decorative, lined envelopes, download the envelope liner instructions and templates (2 sizes included). Use them as-is or create your own distinctive liners using any decorative paper you want. (Thin paper works best.)

Making your own envelope

This is a fun project for a handmade card or for giving a purchased card a little extra personalization. Some of the materials I’ve used for envelopes are wrapping paper, calendar photos, doilies, maps, gift bags and pages from magazines and old books.

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Decorating an envelope

Here’s where you can really show some creativity. Make a statement using washi tape, ribbon, twine, tissue paper, labels or stickers on the outside of the envelope. And for a final touch, I like to use an old typewriter, alphabet rubber stamps or a brush marker to address the envelope. Just be sure when adding 3D embellishments that you can hand-deliver your card.

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