Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

Easter in Ethiopia

During Lent in Ethiopia, Christians don’t eat or buy any animal products like meat, eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, cream and cheese.

On Palm Sunday, people wear head bands and rings made of palm leaves with crosses marked on them.

The first Easter Day service actually starts at 8.00pm on Easter Saturday night and lasts until 3.00 am on Easter Sunday morning! Most people go to the whole service and wear their best clothes. These are often white and are called ‘Yabesha Libs’. People have candles made of cotton and wax called ‘twaf’. At 10.00 pm drummers start playing and accompanying the Priests as they chant a prayer called the ‘Geez’.

After the service, people go back to their homes have a breakfast to celebrate the end of Lent with a ‘dabo’ sour-dough bread. It is traditional that the bread is cut by a priest or by the head man in the family.

The main Easter meal is eaten in the afternoon. The meal normally consists of a sour dough pancake called ‘injera’ and it is eaten with a mutton or lamb stew called ‘beg wot’.

Easter in Greece

In Greek Orthodox Churches, a tomb is often put in the centre of the Church for the Good Friday Service. People process to the service like they going to a funeral.

A Service is held on the Easter Saturday evening, just before Midnight. Priests give out candles to people in the Church and they are lit at Midnight. Fireworks are also sometimes used to signal that Easter Day has started.

On Easter morning, a soup made of Lambs stomach is sometimes eaten for breakfast! The rest of the lamb is roasted and eaten for the main meal.

A traditional Greek Easter cake is made with Oranges and Almonds in it. It is eaten with a spicy orange sauce poured over it.

Easter in Italy

On Easter Day in Italy, the Pope presides over a very large Mass Service in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. The service is a place of Pilgrimage to Catholics and is broadcast on Radio and T.V. all over the world.

In the Palm Sunday services and celebrations, Olive Branches are often used instead of Palm leaves.

At the start of Lent, there is a big Mardi Gras festival in Venice.

Easter in Peru

Like a lot of South American countries, on Palm Sunday a large statue of Jesus on a Donkey is carried through the streets of towns and villages before it is taken into the Church for the Palm Sunday Service.

Easter in Spain

Easter is a very important celebration in Spain. The whole of Holy Week is often a holiday. A lot of Spanish Catholics fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

On Ash Wednesday, people have a cross made of ash put on their foreheads. This is a way of saying sorry to God.

On Palm Sunday, most people go to mass in the morning. Children bring palm leaves and branches to be blessed by the priest. Sometimes the branches decorated with sweets, tinsel or have other decorations hanging from them.

On Maundy Thursday, there is a special ‘Dance of Death’ celebration in Verges, Gerona. A scary dance is performed, at night, by men dressed as skeletons.

Many towns and cities in Spain celebrate Easter with processions through the streets at night. Floats called ‘tronos’ are carried through the street. Each float has incredible decorated figures representing part of the Easter story on it. The floats and statues are often covered in gold, silver and fine cloths. They are also decorated with lots of fresh flowers. Forty or fifty people carry each trono on their shoulders on the procession, which can sometimes last between four or five hours!

In Murcia, a tronos, telling the story of the Last Supper has real food on on the table. On Easter Sunday the twenty-six men who have carried the table in the procession around the town sit down and eat the food!

In southern Spain, the processions are often accompanied by drums being beaten by the local boys. In the village of Hellin, between eight and ten thousand drums are beaten at the processions between Holy Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

The most famous and biggest processions are held in Seville. Each one is organised by ‘Co-fradias’, or ‘The Brotherhoods’. The Co-fradias try to put on the biggest and best procession and there is a lot of competition among them as to who has done so.

 Easter in India

Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

India is a land of cultural diversity, where every festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Although Christians constitutes a meager 2.5% of the total population in India, the festivity of Easter is no less.

Easter in Russia

Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

Happy Easter Day In Different Country Culture and Tradition…….

Russia has an amalgamation of Western Christians and Eastern Orthodox Christians and hence, celebrates Easter according to both the ways. However, taking into consideration the fact that even the basic thing of celebration i.e. the date of the festival is different for both the sects; the task seems to be quite tough.

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