Easter is just around the corner!   That means jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, and new Easter outfits.   While I’m totally a fan of ALL of those things {especially the chocolate bunnies}, it is sometimes easy to forget the real meaning of Easter.

As a mom, I want my kids to have fun Easter memories, but I also want to make sure I am focusing on the most important things.  So that’s why I decided to gather up LOTS of resources to help make the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection fun, memorable, AND meaningful.

Can you believe it? I started out thinking this was going to be a small round-up, but then I kept finding more and more great ideas that I wanted to try.   I love being able to create fun, new memories with my family, but I especially love ones that will also teach my children along the way.

I have a couple of favorites that I’m sure will become regular family traditions, but I love that I’ll be able to come back to this every year and pick out a couple of new ideas to try.  So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to pin this baby right now!  Then start scrolling to find a couple of your favorite ideas to try this year.

1.  Easter Tree– I love the idea of putting up an Easter tree each year.  Each Easter egg “ornament” has a symbol inside that corresponds with a lesson to teach the family about the Easter story.

2.  Resurrection Eggs

– There are a lot of different DIY versions of resurrection eggs out there, but this is where you can find a set completely done for you.  (You can even use these eggs to make your own Easter Tree!)

3.  Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers–  If regular resurrection eggs are a little too complex and over your little one’s head, you should definitely check out this DIY version for toddlers!  I love how it simplifies the Easter story to their level of understanding.

4.  Easter Sunrise Breakfast–  Wake up early to watch the sunrise on Easter morning and have breakfast together on the front porch.  It’s a great reminder that even though the sun sets at night, it rises in the morning- just like Christ rose again from the tomb.

5.  Meaningful Easter Dinner–   Each place setting has a printable napkin ring with a piece of the resurrection story on it. Everyone reads their part before saying dinner prayers.  I love how easy it is to pull this off with the free printables.

6.  Host a Passover Meal–   Hosting your own family pass over meal is a great way to make the scriptures come to life for your children.   This post has great ideas for teaching the symbols of pass over too.  If you do this, you might also

7. Go on a Family Easter Walk

– Read the story Easter Walk
and then go on your own family walk, finding symbols that represent the Easter story.

8.  Easter Carnation Experiment– Every year on Easter we try to teach our children about the atonement.   I love how this simple experiment illustrates how Christ took our sins upon Him.

9.  Atonement Object Lesson– Here’s another great idea to help teach children about the atonement of Christ.  Object lessons are wonderful at helping children remember a lesson, especially if it’s repeated every year.

10.  Teach Children about the Resurrection– Death and resurrection can be complex topics for children to understand, but using visual aids (like this glove) can really help simplify it for them.

11.  Share the Easter Story with Neighbors– Happy Home Fairy shares a fun Easter service idea you can do with your families the week leading up to Easter.  It involves leaving yummy Easter treats along with pieces of the Easter story.

12.  “Egg” a Friend or Neighbor’s House–  Another fun family Easter service idea.  And this post has ALL the printables for you to do it too, so it’s super simple to pull off.

13.  Family Easter Service Jar– Instead of focusing inward on what they’re going to get from the Easter bunny, I love how this idea helps get the kids excited about serving others like Jesus did


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