Funny Valentine Messages for Friends

The funny Valentine’s Day messages are humorous and makes the friend feels happy. The best and sweet wishes bring a smile on the faces of the friends and can be sent through text messages along with gifts. The wishes include funny quotes sent through texts.

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends

Find humorous samples of funny valentine’s messages for the friends to make them laugh on the day of love:

Dear friend, wishing you a happy valentine’s day. I hope you will enjoy with your girlfriend since she won’t leave you to accompany your friends for a night out party.



Wishing the friend a happy Valentine’s Day. I would look forward to you bringing me the money in the party tonight or else I would surely tell your girlfriend about it.



I wish my friend a happy Valentine’s Day. Make sure you do not bring your boyfriend on our celebration party in the evening to spoil it with the geek you love so much.


Valentines Day Wallpapers

Valentines Day Wallpapers


Even when your girlfriend is going to go away, one person who will be standing next to you is me my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day to you dear buddy.



Don’t hesitate in expressing your love to me. Don’t hesitate in wishing me Happy Valentine’s Day. We may not be lovers but our love is surely eternal.



Happy Valentine’s Day wishes for my sweet friend. I hope the day bring you cherished moments of love with your partner unlike last year where you spoiled with your drinking.


Happy Valentines Day Images

Happy Valentines Day Images



Wishing my friend a happy Valentine’s Day with love. I send gifts for you to make your day beautiful and expect you to bring me gifts too or else you can return my gifts sooner.

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