Easter Indoor Outdoor Activities for your kids

Easter Indoor Outdoor Activities for your kids

You can always count on us for tonnes of suggestions for fabulous, fun activities to keep your children entertained over the holidays, come rain or shine. Check out our ideas for free family activities, plus loads of crafts and games, both indoors and outdoors.

Whatever Easter means to you, we have loads of ideas to keep you and the kids entertained over the Easter weekend and beyond.

From Easter egg hunts and family-friendly Sunday lunch locations, to Easter themed crafts and ideas for rainy day activities, we have your Easter holidays sorted.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Easter Sunday falls on 27th March 2016.

Happy Easter!

Here, you’ll find great ideas for free family days out, along with lots of inspiring indoor activities that will keep the whole family occupied.

Most of the ideas featured here are either free or of minimal expense – so you won’t have to worry about stretching your hard-working pennies still further.

Outdoor Easter games offer a family activity beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. Most of the Easter games use basic supplies, making them simple and inexpensive to coordinate. The games also lend themselves well to indoor adaptations. This allows you to move the Easter activities indoors if there are April showers and the weather does not cooperate.

Egg Rolling

Each player needs a different color of hard-boiled egg for this game. Place one white hard-boiled egg in the middle of the lawn or patio. Each player takes a turn rolling his hard-boiled egg. The goal is to get the colored egg to stop closest to the white egg. Keep extras of each color on hand in case one of the eggs cracks or gets squashed during the game.

Obstacle Course

An Easter-themed obstacle course gets all of its participants moving. Each player needs a spoon and either a hard-boiled egg or a plastic Easter egg. The players balance the egg on the spoon while navigating an obstacle course set up in the back yard. Ideas for obstacles include sawhorses to climb under, Easter baskets to weave through and plastic eggs scattered on the ground that the players have to tiptoe around to avoid smashing them.

Easter Egg Toss

This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs back and forth without dropping them. Any type of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Real eggs, whether or not you boil them, will make a mess when dropped or tossed too hard, adding a layer of messy fun to the game. Pairs of players start close together with only a few feet between each member of the pair. After successfully tossing and catching the egg, the pairs move back a step each for a greater distance and another toss. Continue widening the gap to make the game more of a challenge.

Easter Egg Hunt Variations

Give a regular Easter egg hunt a twist for an interesting outdoor game. One option is to organize a treasure hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt. Create a map with locations marked for different Easter treats. You might leave eggs, baskets or small Easter toys in each marked location. Include a larger basket at the end of the treasure hunt. Another variation is to write a letter on each egg. After the kids collect their eggs, they use the letters to spell out as many words as possible. A special prize goes to the child who creates the most words from her letters.

Easter activities

There’s more to Easter than an Easter egg hunt when it comes to keeping kids amused. Try these egg-citing ideas to keep the kids occupied during Easter

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